6 Myths about cyber insurance

As a business owner, you will no doubt have thought about the potential risks to your business and with cyber-attacks being regularly in the press, you should be thinking about how your business is exposed to the ever-increasing threat.

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Helping businesses manage their cyber risk

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is encouraging businesses to bolster their cyber security in light of the events in Ukraine and the increased threat of cyber-attacks. For small and medium business owners, the current conflict might seem far-removed from the day to day running of their business but cyber threats are an ongoing threat.

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Phishing – The need to educate & upskill our employees

Our employees must be given the knowledge on how to recognise “phishing attacks,” in fact, a check list may be a feasible starting point. We are all aware that these attacks exist and are on the rise, but if our employees could recognise and report the phishing emails, texts, telephone calls, adverts and websites that form part of the fraud, the threat can be reduced.

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Why cyber risk should be a priority for every boardroom

A common mistake many organisations make is to leave responsibility for managing cyber risk to the IT department. In reality, improving cyber security and cyber resilience is an enterprise-wide challenge, which requires buy-in from every employee.

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Cyber resilience before cyber insurance

The portion of businesses buying cyber insurance reportedly doubled in 2020. Unfortunately, the very same factors that led to this rush to buy, have also led to a change in the dynamics of the cyber insurance market. More cyber criminals are being drawn into the space by increasingly lucrative earnings, and this has led to a rise in frequency of claims.

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Lack of Cyber Cover Leaves SME’s Exposed to Attacks

86% of SMEs do not have any cyber insurance in place according to a recent survey by Aviva.  This lack of insurance protection comes at a time of rapid digitisation, with statistics showing that 41% of SMEs updated their website in response to the pandemic while 39% moved online or improved their online offering.

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